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Canadiano Pour Over Coffee Maker: A fancy coffee gadget for the serious java hound

Canadiano Pour Over Coffee

"Pour-over coffee was practically unheard of in North America until the 1980s when the Melitta filter brewing method became fairly mainstream.

Still, until very recently, most coffee drinkers opted for the speed and convenience of the ubiquitous countertop drip machines – for many a groggy java hound, it’s speed and automation that wins the day. But as with so many trendy DIY projects, brewing a perfect cup has taken on a new gravitas, and with this serious new attitude, come seriously fancy new gadgets."

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ROK Espresso Maker: Eco living: fancy a cup of green coffee?

ROK Espresso Maker

"In recent years, coffee machines have become more wasteful. Sarah Lonsdale explores more eco-friendly alternatives to this and other things in the house Designer Patrick Hunt was standing in the kitchen of his Victorian semi in Putney, south London, drinking coffee..."

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ROK Espresso Maker: Our expert filters out the very best coffee makers

ROK Coffee Maker the guardian

Our expert filters out the very best coffee makers

"Elegant, industrial, hand-powered espresso maker"

"The ROK is a very nice mechanism; clever and robust. It works very quickly and, although the result of the first attempt is slightly under-extracted, it's brought out all the fruity flavour in the beans."

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