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ROK Espresso Maker: Eco living: fancy a cup of green coffee?

ROK Espresso Maker

"In recent years, coffee machines have become more wasteful. Sarah Lonsdale explores more eco-friendly alternatives to this and other things in the house Designer Patrick Hunt was standing in the kitchen of his Victorian semi in Putney, south London, drinking coffee from his stove-top pot and wishing it did not taste quite so bitter. “To get really good coffee, hot water needs to be forced through the ground beans at high pressure. The problem with stove-top pots is that the water hits the coffee at too high temperatures, resulting in that slightly bitter taste. Ideally, water should be at around 90 degrees, rather than 100 to make really good coffee.”

It is quandaries like these on which scientific leaps forward are made. Being an inveterate problem-solver – another of Patrick’s inventions was the perforated metal satellite receiver, reducing the ubiquitous dish’s visual impact by rendering it semi- translucent and vastly reducing the amount of materials needed to make it – Patrick got to thinking how he could improve the taste of his home-brewed coffee. “The stove-top pot is a great simple design not needing wires or electronics, just a heat source. In recent years electric espresso makers have got bigger and more complicated, use wasteful plastic coffee ‘pods’ and just idling on standby use £50 of electricity a year.”

Read the full article from  The Telegraph here.


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