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A tamper by any other name would be just as Heavy

Coffee Tamper

What’s in a name? Not much if you consider how interchangeable the names of businesses, brands and even places can be. But as they say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

It has been over a year since when we started up Top Shed and our tagline “History in the Making” was conceived by Jason “Scout” Ferris.

We had pulled the trigger and come up with a business name and a call to action for what we aspired to do. Only problem was we had lots of ideas on what to make but had not made a thing. Boom. Jason pulled the trigger and through a friend of a mate created a tamper made to our spec of 49.7 the perfect fit for a Presso. Or should I say ROK. Don’t get me started.

Without further introduction meet the Top Shed Tamper. Which got the nick name the "Tow Ball". 


BUY The ROK Espresso Maker here

ROK Espresso Maker

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