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Off Grid Living with a Few Luxuries

bluebarn Canadiano Pour Over Coffee ROK Grinder

For us, getting away from it all and unplugging isn't about foregoing all luxuries and suffering hardships.  It's about simplifying life so that you can relax and REALLY appreciate the things that you may normally be too distracted to fully experience.  Like sitting beside a wood fireplace with a cup of coffee you've made freshly by hand and relaxing by the sound of the fire.

Pictured above is Greg at Presso Canada headquarters in Restoule, Ontario showing us what life off-grid is all about.

With water boiled on a propane stove (wood stove works just fine too) and beans ground with a ROK manual coffee grinder, Greg's using the Canadiano (White Oak Edition) pour over coffee maker to make gourmet specialty coffee with no electricity required!




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