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Our Story

One day, back in the day, three men met at a rustic cabin in Northern Ontario.
Way down an old corduroy road, on Porter Lake, is where this chance meeting occurred. The men drank some beer, ate some food and had some laughs. After that weekend, they went their separate ways, lived their lives and pursued their passions.
Two decades later these three men have teamed up to form Presso Canada.  Their mission is to bring you everything you need to make great coffee anywhere.
These men are:


Greg went on to start a little brewery, with a couple buddies, called Steam Whistle. He then pulled up anchor and headed South to Australia where he formed our sister company, Espresso Unplugged. Greg spends his time roasting coffee, brewing beer, farming & playing rugby.



Living not too far from that little cabin on Porter Lake, Peter runs our warehouse from his off-grid, solar powered farmhouse. He also raises pigs, makes maple syrup and can fix, build or destroy just about anything that needs to be fixed, built or destroyed...



Kevin has been designing and building things ever since he was a little kid and if you fancy any of our custom coffee gear, there's a good chance that Kevin's had a hand in creating it. Kevin lives in the woods, raises kids, drinks a lot of coffee & builds pretty things.