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Canadiano Pour Over Coffee Maker

$29.00 $89.00

Let's face it, you're not really the same as everyone else. You still buy printed books and you drive an old Saab (or at least you wish you did). While everyone else goes right, you go left. It's always been this way and it's not like things are going to change, anytime soon.

That's okay. We get it. Not only do we get it, but we down right appreciate it.  That's why we've got the Canadiano Pour Over Coffee Maker from Fishtank Design Factory in Toronto. They are a group of certified design nuts and have been toiling away for years to bring us the Canadiano.

The design is simple, functional, elegant yet understated: come to think of it, the Canadiano and you have a lot in common.

You can Choose from two different materials:

The White Oak Edition

Ideally paired with medium to dark roasts, the White Oak Edition enhances the flavour of your coffee, much in the same way it does when barrel aging a fine Bordeaux or Cognac. 

The White Ash Edition

Best suited for light to medium roasts, the White Ash Edition will enhance the citrus and floral hints in your specialty coffee.

Material: FSC certified, North American White Oak / White Ash

Included: Metal filter for medium coffee grounds.

Made in Canada



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